Rotary Digesters

A-C Equipment is the leader in rotary digester design, engineering, installation and repair for the compositing industry.

Our planet is evolving, our populations are soaring and the viable options for the disposal of our solid waste are running out. In response, Municipal Solid Waste Composting plants are being built throughout the world—at their core, rotary digester designed, fabricated and installed by A-C Equipment Services. We’re proud to be an ever increasing part of the solution.

Our rotary digesters are an essential component of the composting processes. Each of our rotary digesters is custom fabricated for specific waste technology methods.

Digester Fabrication, Transportation & Installation

Our state-of-the-art fabrication facility and ability to arrange equipment transportation by truck, rail and water eliminate many of the complexities associated with digester projects. Additionally, our highly experienced in-house installation crews ensure all equipment is properly installed on site.